Eiwa Announces Groundbreaking Integration of SpaceSense Geospatial AI Tool Within Eiwa Vault Analytics Library

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#eiwayourdata–Eiwa, an AgTech that is fast becoming the preferred data cloud for farm input companies, is thrilled to announce a significant new integration in Eiwa Vault analytics library. The company has successfully integrated SpaceSense, a geospatial AI tool, into its platform, increasing Eiwa Vault’s capabilities and allowing customers to go even further with enhanced insights and data.

As agriculture faces increasing challenges, Eiwa remains committed to developing innovative solutions for scientists, field managers, farmers, agronomists, and other stakeholders in the industry. The integration of SpaceSense and other tools within Eiwa Vault confirms its path as a go-to resource for specialized agronomic analytics and better decision making.

SpaceSense, developed by a team of geospatial AI experts, extracts valuable insights from satellite imagery and geospatial data. With this new integration, Eiwa Vault improves its users’ abilities to monitor, analyze, and optimize their operations. The tool’s advanced algorithms and models facilitate precise analysis of trials and fields.

«Eiwa seeks to always be at the forefront of technological transformation for the agriculture industry. This integration of SpaceSense into Eiwa Vault is a new step in that direction. We will keep bringing new functionalities and integrations to our platform and offer a solution that can continuously leverage results for our clients and for the whole industry.» said Carlos Hirsch, CRO at Eiwa.

For more information on Eiwa and its solutions, visit https://eiwa.ag/

About Eiwa:

Eiwa is an AgTech focused on digital transformation required by the agriculture industry. Eiwa combines technology, imagery, and data from multiple sources, enabling field information and data knowledge management in a simple and reliable framework focused on accelerating product development cycles and market deployment.

About SpaceSense:

SpaceSense is a technology company that provides an AI toolbox designed to help geospatial data scientists and developers build AI solutions faster, easier and at scale. Its toolbox empowers customers to reduce the time to market for new products, helps teams be more productive and simplifies the usage of complex data by delegating the most painful tasks around AI and geospatial data to the toolbox.


Carlos Hirsch


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