LA Times Exposes Connections Between Romney’s Bain Capital and Salvadoran Right-wing Wealth

Statement by MD State Delegate Ana Sol Gutierrez, First Salvadoran-American Elected to Public Office in theU.S.

«The newly released LA Times investigation exposing potential ties between a very wealthy Salvadoran group with family ties to the right-wing death squads  and the seed money that Mitt Romney used to start Bain capital is deeply troubling.

Having spent my childhood inEl Salvadorbefore migrating to theUnited Statesand becoming the first Salvadoran-American to ever hold elected office, I know firsthand the strife thatEl Salvadorwas going through during that time and the sensitivity of the issue for Salvadorans in theU.S.

This difficult period is a very painful memory for our community and brings about more questions about Governor Romney’s efforts to maintain his financial records hidden from the American public. Our community is still healing from the scars from this tragic time in our history and now, more than ever, Salvadoran-Americans and Latinos all over the U.S deserve answers about his “profit at any cost» way of conducting business.»

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