Lgbtq+ Immigrants Launch «Vive con orgullo» (Live with Pride) Campaign

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The campaign is set to decorate trees with rainbow & trans ribbons across Staten Island.

STATEN ISLAND, NY —  L’Unicorns, Staten Island’s first LGBTQ+ Latinx immigrant group, is set to launch a campaign titled “Vive Con Orgullo” (Live with Pride) in honor of Pride Month by decorating trees with rainbow and trans ribbons across Staten Island.

The goal of the campaign is to ensure LGBTQ+ immigrants knows they are supported even in NYC’s most conservative borough. Currently, L’Unicorns supports the LGBTQ+ community with naturalization process/immigration services and name change assistance for transgender individuals.

Many of the members of Staten Island L’Unicorns have fled violence from their homeland risking their lives to seek the American Dream to then face the same type of prosecution on Staten island.  According to, “2021 is on pace to break 2020’s record number of trans homicides. Last year, 44 transgender lives were taken, and at the current rate, around 91 trans people would lose their lives to violence.”

“I have experienced discrimination and ridicule on Staten Island. But I and others refuse to leave in fear. We will show that we are proud trans Staten Islanders. We know some will be against our campaign; but we are here to continue spreading the message of love and pride,” said Alejandra Moran, a trans immigrant woman.

Yesenia Mata, executive director of La Colmena, added, “I am committed to ensure all our immigrant communities, including our LGBTQ+ neighbors, feel welcomed and accepted on Staten Island. From the North Shore to the deep South Shore, we will have these pride and trans ribbons proudly displayed.”



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