Mynomx Pioneers the Personalization Science of Food Nutrition to Prevent and Fight Onset of COVID-19

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mynomx Inc. (formerly Precision Wellness, Inc.), a Silicon Valley-based company at the intersection of next-generation AI analytics and the latest medical and nutrition science, today announced their personalized nutrition approach to boosting cardio and metabolic health for disease prevention and immune system support.

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has swept the world and struck those with underlying cardiometabolic syndrome: inflammation, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders, the hardest. The incidence and prevalence of people with cardiometabolic syndromes are on the rise, with over 40% of the US population suffering from one form of cardiovascular disease, posing the greatest burden as the nation’s costliest chronic disease and number one killer.

It is clear a new approach to prevention is needed and one that involves proper nutritional interventions. Mynomx focuses on preventing the onset and progression of cardiovascular and metabolic disorders, using food as medicine, through an AI-driven personalized nutrition approach designed to each person’s unique metabolism, biochemistry, health, and genetics.

«Expression of our genetic blueprint works hand-in-hand with our nutritional consumption to define our metabolism. The food that we eat directly affects the biochemical pathways that may result in a metabolic imbalance within every tissue and cell, including those of our immune system», explains Dr. Mehrdad Rezaee, Interventional Cardiologist at Cardiac and Vascular Care, a clinical scientist and a Mynomx co-founder.

The Mynomx personalized nutrition approach is predicated on AI health predictive and food recommendation engines designed from the ground up to improve balance across those cardio and metabolic pillars of health that prevent the onset of inflammation, hypertension, obesity, dyslipidemia, and diabetes.

According to Dr. Rezaee, «Achieving metabolic balance leads to an efficient metabolism which is associated with increased energy levels, optimal weight, and a bolstered immune system that can remove toxins, fight bacteria and viruses, and help in preventing the onset and severity of disease, as well as the recovery from injuries.»

Unlike other food platforms that only score the quality of food without the knowledge of a person’s true state of health, Mynomx’s personalized nutrition platform connects food, nutrition, and health at the molecular level to provide precision nutrition food scoring and recommendations based on a person’s unique biology and health.

Each person’s unique health and biochemistry requires different nutrients, restrictions, and sensitivities that define their personalized dietary pattern. Mynomx combines this pattern with an individual’s preference, to produce a curated list of foods ranked based on this precision nutrition score.

«We believe we can profoundly improve the health of our communities through actionable health insights and recommendations that use food-as-medicine personalized to bolster each person’s metabolic response,» explains Mynomx CEO Nazhin Zarghamee.

Mynomx AI applies this food scoring to whole foods, meals, packaged foods, restaurants, and recipes, to allow for healthy choices at the point of food shopping, meal selection, and meal planning decision making. Food retailers can use the Mynomx platform to build deeper personalization and engagement applications.

Mynomx’s outcome-driven approach is predicated around nutritional guidelines and patterns designed to boost metabolic functioning and fight COVID-19. Government and self-insured organizations can use Mynomx predictive analytics to understand the at-risk population and deliver personalized nutrition programs to drive population health, ensuring the health of our communities.

Mynomx health predictions (previously Precision Wellness) have been validated with the highest levels of accuracy across 2.8M patient populations in conjunction with leading institutions such as Stanford Medicine [or University] & Broad Institute (a Harvard, MIT, Massachusetts General Hospital Collaborative). Reference Publication.

About Mynomx

Mynomx is a leading scientific food personalization company that offers organizations and individuals an advanced, integrative approach to managing their health through personalized health insights and nutritional intervention. The data-driven Mynomx analytic platform, powered by the latest in nutritional science at the molecular level, multi-omics, and next-generation AI, offers the means to manage health through «food as medicine,» preventing disease and supporting healthy aging. In addition to serving individuals, our platform is ideal for insurance and self-insured organization, corporate wellness, testing, and diagnostic companies as well as food retailers who are seeking deeper personalization and engagement. To learn more, visit


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