North American Academy of the Spanish Language Broadcast on New Mundofox TV Channel

Los Angeles, CA [CapitalWirePR] September 4, 2012 –The North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE) signed a far-reaching  agreement with MundoFox, a new Hispanic-oriented TV channel, enabling it to appear daily with recommendations on correct Spanish usage.

The agreement was signed in Los Angeles by MundoFox President Emiliano Saccone and Executive Vice President  Jorge Mettey, representing MundoFox, and by ANLE President Gerardo Piña-Rosales, Secretary General Jorge Ignacio Covarrubias and Los Angeles member Domnita Dumitrescu.

The first segment of language recommendations aired on August 15. Minutes after the first airing, the MundoFox website began to receive favorable comments. “I believe this will help us avoid so many errors and horrors evidenced when Spanish is spoken in the U.S.,” said one message. Another added that “MundoFox promotes correct Spanish usage in the U.S.” And a third stated: “This segment is fascinating. It´s really needed by so many. One could say that it´s not just good programming, but also good education. My compliments!”

Under the agreement, ANLE began providing daily guidance on Spanish usage on August 13, when MundoFox initiated its national programming. Since long before its launch, MundoFox took as its motto a phrase which ends each of its usage segments: “At MundoFox… we speak Spanish.” This first series of 365 days of recommendations, per the agreement, will be recorded by Piña-Rosales, Covarrubias and Dumitrescu.

“There is no question but that TV viewers will applaud this commitment to good Spanish usage,” said Piña-Rosales. “The recommendations for proper use of our language are only the beginning of this quixotic adventure boldly taken up by MundoFox and ANLE. Other projects will certainly arise, all of them aimed at the ultimate objective of reaching Hispanic Americans to encourage them to uphold their native language and urge them to care for it.  Spanish, the language of our heritage, is a common value and the key to our identity; by respecting it we respect ourselves and others as well.”

Dumitrescu, a recognized linguist and Spanish professor at the University of California in Los Angeles, said: “So many students of Spanish as a heritage language in this country will have available, as a MundoFox service, a new and highly effective means to improve their fluency beyond the somewhat rigid structure established in classrooms. New generations, born and raised in the audiovisual culture, will feel comfortable in this atmosphere and will easily and pleasurably learn to love and care even more for the language of their parents and grandparents.”

MundoFox is launching this ambitious effort at a time when there are more than 54 million Hispanics in the United States. The new channel is a joint venture of Fox International Channels (FIC), News Corporation and RCN, a prominent Hispanic-oriented television production and transmission network. Together, FIC and RCN will reach more than 1.2 billion homes throughout the world with a wide variety of programs, including news, sports and entertainment. They also operate cable and news networks 24 hours per day.

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