Rally to Demand Resignation of Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis in New York

Photo: rightwomen.org.

STATEN ISLAND, NY –  Staten Islanders will hold a rally outside the Staten Island office of Congressmember Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) to ask for her resignation after voting to undermine the democratic process that elected Joe Biden as president of the United States. Echoing President Trump’s false claims of fraud, Malliotakis motivated a violent insurrection of our Capitol under flags of white supremacy.

«We tried to reach out to Congresswoman Malliotakis, tried to work with her on immigration and for the benefit of our neighborhoods. As women, I believe that we can accomplish great things together; instead, she has turned her back not just on her constituents but also on her oath to uphold the Constitution by voting to overturn a free election in Arizona and around the country.»

«This kind of representation is not what this district nor this country deserves,» said Yesenia Mata, who is a Military Specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve and executive director of La Colmena that helps immigrant workers on Staten Island.»

A sister rally will be happening at the same time in the Congressmember’s Brooklyn office.


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