September 11, 2001, It’s a Day We, as One People, Will Never Forget


By Quaye Quartey*

By Today marks 20 years since that Tuesday morning in September 2001. Twenty years since we lost nearly 3,000 lives in the smoldering devastation of the Twin Towers, at the Pentagon, and on a grassy field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

It’s a day we, as one people, will never forget. A day when our first responders proved yet again why they are all heroes; when millions across the country left their schools and their jobs to enlist in the military; and a day when countless American flags flew high and proud and with the great respect they deserve.

On one of the worst days in our history, America came together to find its best self. We stood united, determined to seek light in the darkest of times.

But, just as we vow to never forget 9/11 and the events that followed, let’s also commit to remembering the unity, determination, and compassion that we, as one nation, displayed in the immediate aftermath of inconceivable tragedy.

Let’s never forget our shared love of country and our shared values — life, liberty, and justice for all.

Today, let’s remember the selfless first responders who were consumed by courage in a moment filled with fear, and the brave American soldiers who willingly sacrificed everything in order to protect everyone.

And then tomorrow, and each day moving forward, let’s honor their legacy by serving our communities and standing tall for a more just society. Let’s give tribute to their service by taking the action required to form a more perfect union. And, perhaps most importantly, let’s do it together, as one people, one nation.

*Quaye Quartey, Commander, U.S. Navy (ret.) is a Democrat candidate for Congress.


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