Black and Brown Communities Reeling After Trump Coup D’Etat

We are left reeling after a group of white supremacist extremists terrorized the nation’s capital yesterday. The coup d’état Trump led is reprehensible and illegal. For the second time, Congress should impeach him and then immediately remove him from office. 

However, while yes, political leadership disappointed us, most biting was the police’s response. We saw how officers cheeringly obliged to taking selfies with these violent extremists and allowed them to breach Congressional buildings on emergency lockdown. For people of color, the difference in treatment is deeply harrowing.

Black and brown people would have immediately been greeted with a barrage of bullets and clouds of tear gas, as we saw during this summer’s protests. Law enforcement should be held accountable for allowing violence to continue. We should continue working towards police reform and equity for all.

Gustavo Torres 

Executive Director, CASA

Alonzo Washington 

Executive Director, CASA in Action

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