DREAMers’ Hopes on Display in New Online Feature


This week in immigration
This week in immigration


While much of the reaction to President Obama’s June DREAMer protection announcement has focused on political implications and related public opinion, a new story and online feature in The Guardian (UK) focuses coverage on the most important aspect of the President’s announcement: the personal stories, aspirations, testimonials, and, yes, dreams of many young people directly affected by the announcement and soon to be granted an opportunity to work legally and be a full part of the nation they call home.

As the newspaper describes, “With help from several organisations like United We Dream and Dream Activists, we asked Dreamers to tell us where they were born and where they are now, and to describe their dreams and how they plan to achieve them.  Their stories are now available online at the Guardian as part of our Dreamers’ dreams interactive.  We hope that you’re as inspired by these stories as we are. Nearly 20% of participants hope to work for theUS government, with a particular desire to work on immigration policy. And 25% say giving back to their community is a big priority for them; nearly 30% say they will provide for their parents. 67% say they’ll achieve their education goals by working through college.”

·        Read The Guardian story and personal testimonials from those affected by DREAMer protection announcement: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jul/12/dreamers-dreams-young-immigrants-obama and http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/interactive/2012/jul/12/dreamers-dreams-young-immigrants-interactive

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