Immigrant Families Announce Mass Mobilization in DC

Congressmen Conyers, Peters Join Call to Sustain, Reunite Families Through Comprehensive Immigration Reform
DEARBORN,Mich.– Immigration, labor and community activists joined state and federal lawmakers today to call for prompt, fair immigration reform and to commend bipartisan efforts inWashingtonto move forward on the issues.
Gathering at a news conference at ACCESS,Michigan’s immigration reform movement put its weight behind what promises to be a historic mobilization to reunite families and heal communities through comprehensive immigration reform. TheAlliancefor Immigrant Rights and Reform, ACCESS, the Detroit AFL-CIO, UAW, and members ofMichigan’s congressional delegation joined immigrant families to announce a national march inWashingtonon April 10 to “Keep Families Together” through immigration reform. The leaders said efforts are underway to mobilize 250Michiganfamilies to attend.
“We’re marching for immigration reform because the future of our families and our communities depends on it,” said neighborhood leader Max Rodriguez, aU.S.citizen whose family includes undocumented immigrants. “This is not an abstract issue – our families matter, and we deserve full human dignity. A path to citizenship and full immigration reform is the only way.”
U.S Reps. Gary Peters and John Conyers, Jr., both Michigan Democrats, lent their full support to the mobilization to help heal and unite families and communities as well as labor leaders.
“We have an opportunity to speak out for justice in a way that lawmakers can understand.” said Conyers, who representsMichigan’s 13th District. “The April 10th rally on the National Mall will be an opportunity for thousands of Americans to march united behind the cause of comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Through this rally, we will accelerate and deepen the national conversation in a profound way.”
Conyers, the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee that oversees immigration, also said he planned to hold committee hearings on the issue on Feb. 5.
Long involved in the movement for immigration reform, labor leaders at the press conference made the connection between the goals of the march and the goals of the labor movement.
“This historic march for immigration reform is the next step in the labor movement’s fight for a just society,” said UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada, the daughter of immigrants. “We must mobilize with great moral urgency to change the laws that stand between mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers.  Working families are the backbone of the labor movement and we must work to keep our families safe and whole.”
Those who wish to sign up for the Wednesday, April 10, 2013 march in Washington D.C to “Keep Families Together” through immigration reform can do so here. Those seeking information on the march can also attend a meeting Wednesday, January 30 at 7:00 PM at St. Gabriel’s Church 8118 West Vernor
Watch for updates.

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