State Department Meets with Bukele in a Public Show of Support!

Last week, we got all the proof we needed about the Biden administration’s position on President Bukele when a top State Department official flew to El Salvador and shook his hand – just as he was preparing to illegally register as a candidate in the upcoming February presidential elections.

That’s why our new Break the Silence campaign is essential right now. We need to push Congress and other institutions to speak out against Bukele’s assault on democracy and expose the U.S’ complicity as the #1 international funder of Bukele’s police and military.

Such statements are also CRITICAL to show international support to the courageous social movement organizations who are out in the streets defending human rights – and contradict Bukele’s propaganda that everyone in El Salvador agrees with what he is doing.

To jumpstart this campaign, a generous donor has agreed to match all donations before November 10 – up to $10,000! Can we count on your support?


During a press conference in El Salvador, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemispheric Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, washed his hands of the question of Bukele’s attempt to remain in office in violation of numerous articles of the Salvadoran constitution.

The State Department’s visit last week made its position abundantly clear – and once again, we see the U.S. on the wrong side of history.

But CISPES has a plan to mobilize constituent pressure across the country to push Congress and others to speak out where the State Department will not.

We need your financial support to keep our organizers out in the field. Give today and your gift will be doubled!


In El Salvador, the social movements are committed to their struggle for democracy – and their movement is growing. They are calling on us to speak out and speak loudly about Bukele’s assault on their entire legal system – and to get others to do the same.

We will not let them down.

With your support, we can move quickly to generate grassroots pressure on our elected officials to echo the social movement’s call to defend human rights. Make a gift today and your contribution will be doubled!

In solidarity,

Sherley, CISPES Development Team
















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