U.K. Eases Lockdown; Iranian Vaccine Shows Promising Results; Bolivia Health Workers Launch Strike

Photo: courtesy of Democracy Now!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is announcing an easing of coronavirus lockdown measures starting next month, as the U.K. reports one in three adults has received a vaccine, with early data showing a slowdown in community spread.

Iran has said early, small-scale trials for its coronavirus vaccine COVIran Barekat showed 90% effectiveness.

In Israel, reports emerged this weekend that officials promised to pay for a supply of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine for Syria in order to secure the release of an Israeli woman detained in Syria.

In Bolivia, health workers have launched a national strike over the new health emergency law, which bans medical staff from calling strikes during the pandemic emergency period — which workers say is unconstitutional. This is a doctor from La Paz, Fernando Romero.

Dr. Fernando Romero: “It is inhuman to treat this sector with such harshness, with such violence. It is an aggression by the government against our sector with this health emergency law.”

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