Ugandan President Signs Draconian Anti-LGBTQ Bill That Includes Death Penalty

Photo: courtesy of Democracy Now!

In Uganda, human rights advocates are condemning President Yoweri Museveni for signing a sweeping anti-LGBTQ measure into law that makes same-sex relationships punishable by life imprisonment — and even the death sentence, in some cases. It’s one of the most draconian anti-LGBTQ laws in the world. This is Ugandan LGBTQ activist DeLovie Kwagala.

DeLovie Kwagala: “There’s no hope. But where are we supposed to go? You don’t want us in your country. You’re not giving us jobs. You’re not giving us education. You’re not giving us medication. You are criminalizing people renting to us. Where do you want us to go? You are arresting us for literally doing nothing, for simply existing, you know? Where are we supposed to go? How did we become refugees in our own countries?”

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