United States and Honduras Discuss Achievements of Joint Operation Dominio

Honduras President Hernández and U.S. Admiral Faller

Tegucigapa, Honduras – Earlier this week, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández met at the facilities of the National Emergency System 911 with the head of the United States Southern Command Admiral Craig S. Faller to learn about the substantial results of Operation Dominio, which to date has brought hard blows to drug trafficking and organized crime. This was Admiral Faller’s fifth visit to the country, demonstrating his great relationship with the Hernández Administration. Also in attendance were Honduran Minister of Defense Fredy Diaz, Chief of the Honduran Armed Forces General Tito Livio Moreno, Ambassador Jean Manes, Civilian Deputy to the Commander, and The Honorable Colleen Hoey, Chargé d’Affaires in Honduras.

In his remarks, President Hernández said:  “I arrived in the presidency with a clear commitment to go on a frontal fight to regain peace and tranquility in Honduras. One of the great issues was to confront organized crime, maras, gangs and other groups of actors. Coordination and trust in institutions were a great challenge and this is a momentous step for us. If we look back we realize that at that time it was almost impossible to achieve that today we could achieve almost 60 percent reduction in the homicide rate in Honduras and that gave a determined leadership I recognize that without the support of the United States we would hardly have reached these instances.” He continued, “Admiral Faller, please take the message to Washington, that this country called Honduras, which is small, humble and a fighter, will always be your friends and that in the post-COVID-19 era we need to work more together for the security of the United States, Honduras, and the region.”

Admiral Faller echoed these sentiments. He said: “Thank you, it is an honor to be here, I want to congratulate you for an excellent operation, Operation Dominio and it is so successful because of the trust of both of us working together, that trust for so many years together I want to thank the people of Honduras for inviting us to be here and to fight narco-terrorism On April 1, President Trump began a recognition operation for the capacity of his National Police and his Security Forces that was when Covid-19 hit the world and in this 2020 I know that Honduras took more drugs from the streets and had more seizures working with our teams together and this has a huge impact on the health of each of us.

“I agree that in 2021 Honduras will take more drugs off the street than in 2020 and that is why we will work together recognizing the words of our command and the chief of police, the importance of trust and working as professionals, with education, with training, with values, the results speak for themselves. it is important that we continue with this vision of trust against narco-terrorism and all the corruption that they have imposed against democracy and our values.  “That is why we will work together for the safety and future of the citizens of the United States and Honduras.” Operation Dominio began in April of this year, with the participation of different Honduran justice operating institutions including the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Security, the Public Ministry and the Attorney General’s Office. The Operation has resulted in 66 disruptive events, 69,224 kilograms of cocaine interrupted, 13,509 pounds of marijuana interrupted, 195 criminals arrested, and $567,000 dollars seized.

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