A significant move by the Governor of Maryland

Governor Moore shows the executive order. Photo: Maryland.gov

By The Progressive Maryland Team

Last week, Governor Wes Moore made a significant move by pardoning more than 175,000 marijuana convictions.

This action will positively impact an estimated 100,000 individuals. This executive order makes Maryland the first state to issue mass pardons for cannabis paraphernalia-related convictions. We hope this is just the beginning of more positive changes to come following inequities of past criminalization.

With the official start of summer last week too, Progressive Maryland is enthusiastic about our summer base-building efforts as we ramp up to launch our November election campaign.

As we enter the final week of June, check out the Pride events section of the memo to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Read on for ways to get involved and for news you can use. Plus, stay safe and cool in the global warming heat! And as always, remember to respect and thank essential workers who work outside in the summer temperatures.


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