Hispanic Caucus: We Will Not Let Domestic Terrorists Usurp Our Democracy

Photo: today.umd.edu

Washington D.C. [CapitalWirePR] January 7, 2021 .-  Marco Davis, President and CEO of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), made the following statement: 

“We are deeply saddened and upset by yesterday’s events. The actions of the violent mob at the U.S. Capitol were an attack on some of our nation’s most cherished institutions.

“We extend our sympathies and support to all the people who live and work in and around the Capitol area, who were forced to fear for their safety, not only because many of them are our alumni, program participants, colleagues, and friends, but also because they are selfless public servants and fellow Americans – in the broadest and truest sense of the word, in stark contrast to the insurrectionists who stormed the building,” 

“We are angry that we have had to worry about so many of our fellow Washingtonians, from government representatives and staff to DC residents, on a day when we should have been celebrating and demonstrating the continued peaceful and orderly transfer of power in our republic, in the face of so much strife in the world, and in the midst of a pandemic.”

“But even with these feelings of anguish and anger, we also retain hope. Hope that in these uncertain times, the work that CHCI and so many others do will continue to drive the change our country needs. As demonstrated by the US Congress, who worked late into the night to certify the electoral college results, we have not –and we will not– let domestic terrorists usurp our democracy.”

“Instead, we reaffirm our resolve, and will continue developing leaders who better reflect the diversity of our nation, defend and advance our civic engagement values, and uphold government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” 

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